‘Hard Knock Life’ Producer 45 King Plays ‘Rhythm Roulette’


The 45 King has been the mastermind behind several hip hop classics, old and new. His claim to fame started with “The 900 Number” which will forever stay funky fresh. Then with his Flavor Unit, he went on to produce several cuts on Queen Latifah’s debut album All Hail The Queen. After a few remixes here and there, his name was inescapable as he went on to produce Jay Z’s “Hard Knock Life” and Eminem’s “Stan.” Especially with a name like The 45 King, you know we had to take him to the shop to see his sampling chops firsthand.

The 45 King walks out of the record shop with Courtney Pine’s Journey to the Urge Within, Weather Report’s Mysterious Traveller, and Sonny & Brownie’s self-titled album. Although he dismisses the first record, he ends up finding the loop he uses as the base. Then with his iPhone recorder, he samples himself to throw some hi-hats into the beat. He also incorporates the other two records but in a very unconventional way.

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